Joe B. Bak-Coleman


selected publications

  1. Stewardship of Global Collective Behavior
    Bak-Coleman, J., Alfano, M., Barfuss, W., Van Bavel, J., Couzin, I., Donges, J, Galesic, M., Gersick, A., Kao, A., Moffett, M., Moran, R., Romanczuk, R., Rubenstein, D., and Centeno, M.
    PNAS 2021
  2. The wisdom of stalemates: consensus and clustering as filtering mechanisms for improving collective accuracy
    Winkylmayr, C, Kao, A, Bak-Coleman, J, and Romanczuk, P.
    Proceedings B 2020
  3. Individual and collective encoding of risk in animal groups
    PNAS 2019